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These sites are actually nothing more than some simply tools for searching more than one web site at a time (see 'searchable booksites ' to try them out). They are great time savers, and I recommend them highly as a starting point for your search.

In the end there are so many Tolkien books out there and while many enjoy spending hours looking for nice Tolkien books, it is always to find the shortest road to your targets! Certainly gives you more time to enjoy your treasures.
A Tolkien collection of book

Bookfinder - Used to be called the MX Bookfinder. This one used to be everyone's favorite, but recent changes have not been welcomed by everyone. It can be a bit complicated to use.

AddALL - Has separate pages for new and used books. At the moment, this site appears to be a little quicker than Bookfinder, and is the one i use most of the time.

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