Collecting Tolkien Books - online book stores

When looking for Tolkien books on the internet you can search for hours. Every bookstore online has at least some Tolkien books up for sale.

Still it is always easier, especially if you start looking for a specific book (like for example a first edition of Tree and Leaf), to get some kind of overview and a choice between different conditions of that exact book you are looking for.

When looking for scarce Tolkien books, like 1st editions of the hobbit, signed letters, contributions in periodicals by Tolkien, etc., you really need some very good booksellers to come up with any result at all.
Collecting Tolkien Books - online book stores

It took myself a lot of years before i gave up scouring the web for hours and just go straight towards my favourite online bookstores. Most of these list a lot of Tolkien books, and if you know how to search for them even a lot of scarce Tolkien works. The sellers on these networks mostly know very well what they have in their hands, so the prizes are mostly high for better and more collectable items,... but still some days you just get lucky!

Under here are the bookstores which i visit monthly in my quest for books by Tolkien and Tolkien related works. If you click on them you can immediatly search their books for whatever books you are trying to find (or you get directed straight to these stores). Good luck in your quest! (please leave some books for me...)

Before going to general bookstores, it is important to know The Tolkien shop in Holland. It is a full mailorder service for all material related to the works of J.R.R. Tolkien: books by and about Tolkien (both new and antiquarian), posters, Tolkien calendars, Tolkien inspired music, video's, Tolkien games (MERP, METW), artwork inspired by Tolkien, Tolkien figurines (Mithril Miniatures, Harlequin and others) and much more. The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, The Silmarillion, The History of Middle-earth, you find it all here. It started life back in 1986 as part of the Dutch Tolkien Society Unquendor. Over the years the Tolkienwinkel kept on growing and has now just about everything your Tolkien heart can desire available. I am sure every Tolkien enthusiast will find something of interest in it.

If you are looking for older and rare Tolkien books you should go no further. This site always has a big collection of higly collectable Tolkien books, custom rebound books, signed and limited editions. Look here for Rare Tolkien book store!

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