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Because I have been unable to send out any newsletter for a long time I have decided that I will not further sent out any newsletters in the previous form. I have created a new system, powered by feedburner, which makes it easy to receive content updates in My Yahoo!, Newsgator, Bloglines, and other news readers. You can also choose to receive all news, updates, reviews, announcement, etc. in your mailbox as well.
Surf to and choose "Get Tolkien Library Site News delivered by email". Some minutes after I have submitted a new article or news item you will receive an email with a short description of what I did add to my website.

You can however still add you to the newsletter list which will once in a while get emails sent with very important news. Use the form below:

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People who want to send there reviews, studies or remarks are welcome to do so, please mail them to All studies and reviews will be read and after evaluation published at the Tolkien Library (of course your name will be mentioned!).

Since a lot of members did not inscribe from the beginning they have now the opportunity to have a look at the old newsletters in this archive.