1947 Bilbo Swedish:

Hompen, 1947, first Swedish edition - first translation of The Hobbit into any language

First Swedish Edition of The hobbit, being the first foreign language edition.
Octavo (20 x 14cm), pp.269; [1] blank.
With illustrations by Tarbjörn.

The controversial first translation of this work into any language, and also the first translation of any of the author's writing. Upon publication, Tolkien took great umbrage at Förbundets failure to use the book's correct title and their disrespectful butchering of the text. As a result, this edition was suppressed and replaced by an approved translation entitled 'Bilbo' (Hallqvist, 1962).

There exist 2 states of the 1947 first Swedish edition of The Hobbit (Hompen).
The spacing between lines at the top of the copyright page is larger in one versus the other.

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1947 Bilbo Swedish
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1947 Bilbo Swedish