Hobbits around the globe - credits

Thanks to all contributors who scanned hobbit translations from their country

Our greatest thanks goes to Sanne van den Elst, who provided us with over 80 scans of his Hobbit collection. Without these scans we would never have started this gallery in the first place. The biggest contributor so far was Henk Brassien from Zwolle in the Netherlands who provided no less then 155 hobbits from 37 countries. He also provided numerous ISBN numbers where available. Thanks so much!

Many thanks to Johan Vanhecke for the scans of the Dutch translations of the Hobbit, to Marek Sliwinski for the many Polish, Russian and Turkisch translations and to Lorenzo (aka Soronel) for all the Italian Hobbits. Thanks to Juan José Gutiérrez Sevillano for sending a new Spanish Hobbit, to Aaron O Brien for sending the first edition of the Icelandic hobbit, to Mervi Mäkelä for sending the first edition of the Finnish Hobbit, to Jean-Michel Beaupain for sending recent French editions and to Luiz Fernando Pesce for sending in a Brazilian edition (Portuguese) from 1974.

Please help us out and send (high resolution) scans of 'the Hobbit' covers from your country to us. Please do not forget to tell us the date of publication and your name (we will add your name on this page). We hope this gallery will one day give a nice overview of all "Hobbits" out there!

Please visit the following site who are very valuable sources if you are interested in "translations of the Hobbit":
H.O.B.B.I.T.I.S.H !
Hobbits of the World