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The Northeast Tolkien Society has announced the winners of the 2006 Imperishable Flame Awards

Making a website about Tolkien was (and is) a great way to share your passion about Tolkien books; It creates a path to make new friends, meet interesting people on the road. Now it also seems it can put you in the spotlight! When I received the e-mail some weeks ago that I had been nominated for an award I was absolutely stunned. The awards would cite the accomplishments of 1 individual in each of 3 categories, Tolkien/Inklings Scholarship, Tolkien/Inklings Fan Appreciation and Tolkien/Inklings Inspired Creativity. Looking at the names of the other nominated Tolkien fans I never suspected to win. Never did I realize that my solo-project was appreciated by so many. Today I'm very proud to announce that I won the Imperishable Flame Award for Tolkien/Inklings Fan Appreciation!

Thank you, everyone, for your encouragement and kindness (and the many, many votes) - you'll never know how much your support means to me! Congratulations also to Dr. Amy H. Sturgis and Glass Hammer. They are well deserving of this honor.

The Northeast Tolkien Society has announced the winners of the 2006 Imperishable Flame Awards ("nominated by staff, awarded by fans"):

Tolkien/Inklings Scholarship: Dr. Amy H. Sturgis
Tolkien/Inklings Fan Appreciation: Pieter Collier of the Tolkien Library
Tolkien/Inklings Inspired Creativity: Glass Hammer

This year's award ceremony will take place in Toronto at The Gathering of the Fellowship's V.I.P. Reception on July 2, 2006, at 8pm.

Totally Tolkien

More exciting things happened last week. got featured on ABEBOOKS. I received an e-mail from the rare book room department and we arranged a small Q&A.

Once again this was a great honor and a surprise. Many thanks for the support! This really means a lot to me.

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