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Waiting for the 50th anniversary of The Lord of the Rings it is time to start looking out for all the new books that will be coming out this year. Of course there will be the spectacular celebratory editions and finally the long expected J.R.R. Tolkien Companion and Guide. I'll try to list all upcoming titles here.

Some days ago i started to notice there will be a lot of nice Tolkien books coming this year. First i received a mail of Houghton Mifflin, followed by abebooks and barnes & nobles. I immediatly started ordering all the upcoming titles full of excitement... the new books are just wonderfull. Let us take a look:

In October we celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Lord of The Rings with this spectacular luxury edition. It features a fully corrected text, to tolkien's exacting specifications, and for the first time tolkien's hand-coloured burnt pages of the Book of Mazarbul, which he originally intented to insert in december 1952.

The two large two-color foldout maps, the gilded edges, the two-color foil stamping, the smythe-sewn, lay flat binding, the shrink wrap, etc. makes this book really spectacular.

It will be sold for $100.00 and will carry the ISBN 0-618-517665-0.
Also in October... yes yes we were waiting a long long time for this... we finally will see the release of The J.R.R. Tolkien Companion and Guide by the one and only Wayne G. Hammond and his wife Christina Scull. It will feature two parts: volume 1 a reader's guide and volume two a chronology of Tolkiens work and life.

This will be (or that is what i expect) the most comprehensive, in depth reference ever to be published to tolkien's life, works and publication history of his works... this is the real A to Z about Tolkien we have been waiting for.
I think i ordered this book a year ago (twice) and really hope to have it in my hands very very soon!

The boxed set will cost $70 or you can by the books apart for $36. Amazingly cheap if you consider the time the authors must have spent to make these books.

Celebrating The Lord of the Rings and The Tolkien Companion and Guide was not only enough. In November we will get a second edition of The Silmarillion. It will get a little bit thicker since it will include no more then 48 full-color paintings by Ted Nasmith. I'm so happy to see this second editions featuring Nasmith's art... nowdays with the movies it was only Alan Lee they talked about. I always liked Nasmith's work and i saw some of the paintings that will be included... it will be a wonderfull edition!

This hardcover book will cost $35 and will carry the ISBN 0-618-39111-8.
Also in October Douglas A. Anderson and Marjorie J. Burns will give a nice book to start reading. I know what i will be doing in those months....

On Tolkien will give a rare glimps into the world of J.R.R. Tolkien through his own words and the words from persons close to him. Allthough it is not out yet (please send me an advanced reading copy ;) ) it already looks like this one will become a classic which i will put next to letters, biography and auther of the century as a good source to look up... anything Tolkien related.

I'm looking forward to this book; it will cost us another $25 and will carry the ISBN 0-618-44516-1.
Patrick Curry's defending Middle Earth already made its name and stands now as a Tolkien classic on my book shelves.

In October it will come out in paperback format and will feature a new afterword.

Another fine read for the cold winter comming.

It will cost only $12 and will have ISBN 0-618-47855-x.
Do not yet know what is going to change but The Letters from Father Christmas will be reprinted by Houghton Mifflin in November.

It will be a paperback, with ISBN 0-618-51265-9 and cost $15.

tolkien's beloved holiday favourite, redesigned for a new generation of Tolkien readers.
The Lord of the Rings: The Complete Visual Companion by jude Fisher will arrive also in November. In the row of movie books this will be another full-color look at the people, places and things from the Academy Award-winning film trilogy of The Lord of The Rings.

The money train hasn't stopped yet, and the images still fascinate us all. 224 pages and a $19.95 costing paperback... where is it going to end?

This book will get ISBN 0-618-51082-6.
Gary Russel gives us an exclusive look nehind the scenes of the conceptual art and design of the seventeen Academy Awards winning movie The Lord of the Rings. The best of The Lord of the Rings is a fantastic dual edition featuring 224 pages of beautifull art and images...

It will cost $35 and will carry ISBN 0-618-51098-2. A must have for the movie fans.
Harper Collins also makes a nice 50th anniversary wall calendar for the year 2005.
hope i didn't miss any book... if so please mail me.

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