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Pictures by J. R. R. Tolkien
Short Description:
The primary purpose of this book was to show all the pictures by J.R.R.Tolkien (which had been previously published in a series of calendars from '73 to '79, with a gap in '75). Some notes were added by Christopher Tolkien on the sources for each picture. Next to the calendars this book was the first big presentation of Tolkien as an Artist to the big public, since most of the calendars where this art work was originally shown were limited.

Next to the pictures that appeared in the six calendars some more pictures were added. The original pen and ink drawings published in the Hobbit are facing the coloured versions that Mr. Riddet made for the calendars. Also some unpublished pictures coloured by Mr. Riddett were included inside this book. Some pictures by Tolkien that did not appear in the calendars were added to complete a record of J.R.R.tolkien's published works, for example a pen and ink drawing of Hobbiton, the Doors of Durin, Mirkwood and the cover of Tree and Leaf.

Inside this book you can find the following art by J.R.R.Tolkien:
- The Hill: Hobbiton-across-the-Water
- The Trolls
- The Three Trolls are turned to Stone
- Rivendell (I)
- Rivendell (II)
- Rivendell (III)
- The Mountain-path
- The Misty Mountains Looking West from the Eyrie towards Goblin Gate
- Bilbo woke with the early sun in his eyes
- Beorn's Hall
- The Elvenking's Gate (I)
- The Elvenking's Gate (II)
- Bilbo comes to the Huts of the Raft-elves (I)
- Bilbo comes to the Huts of the Raft-elves (II)
- Lake Town
- The Front Gate
- Conversattion with Smaug
- Smaug flies round the Mountain
- Death of Smaug
- The Hall at bag-end, Residence of B. Baggins Esquire
- Old Man Willow
- Doors of Durin and Moria Gate (I)
- Moria Gate (II)
- Leaves from the book of Mazarbul
- The Forest of Lothlorien in Spring
- Helm's Deep and the Hornburg
- Orthanc and Minas Tirith
- Shelob's Lair
- Dunharrow
- Orodruin and Barad-dûr
- Taniquetil
- Lake Mithrim
- Nargothrond (I)
- Nargothrond (II)
- Gondolin and the Vale of Tumladen
- Tol Sirion
- Mirkwood and Beleg Finds Gwindor in Taur-nu-Fuin ( entitled Fangorn Forest)
- Glaurung sets forth to seek Túrin
- Polar Bear had fallen from top to bottom onto his nose
- Three dragons
- Trees
- Flowering Tree with Friezes
- Patterns (I)
- Patterns (II)
- Floral Designs
- Númenórian Tile and Textiles
- Heraldic devices
- Elvish Script


Originally published by George Allen & Unwin in 1979 on the 1st of November at £15.00 (unknown amount of copies) and by Houghton Mifflin also in 1979, on the 19th of November at $29.95 (25.000 copies). Copies were given away by Allen & Unwin as premiums with the purchase of the 1982 limited edition of the Silmarillion. When the supply of slipcases for the first edition by Allen & Unwin exhausted it was also sold without the slipcases.
The new edition appeared in 1992 by HarperCollins, with some corrections and new texts and longer foreword by Christopher Tolkien. The pictures remained entirely the same; apart from a rectification of an unfortunate error in the case of The Hill: Hobbiton-across-the-Water.

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