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Heren Istarion Tolkien Society Calendar 2008
Unpubished art by Ted Nasmith

Introducing the Northeast Tolkien Society's Debut Calendar: A Collector's Must-Have for Middle-earth Enthusiasts

This new calendar is an instant collectors item. The first-ever calendar issued by The Northeast Tolkien Society will feature Shire Reckoning format with Gregorian offsets Moon Phases and all important dates in Middle-earth. It will also feature previously unpublished art by Ted Nasmith and Jef Murray.

According Tolkien Calendar Collecting Guru, Phil Goss, of The Compleat Gyde to Tolkien Calendars the collecting rarity of a Shire Reckoning format Calendar is high with so few produced currently.   

It is released just in time for the Yuletide Holidays, with special thanks to Phil Goss and his daughter Megan, plus the gracious support of Ted Nasmith and Jef Murray, The Northeast Tolkien Society is producing this calendar in order to continue to fundraise for the continuing production of the society journal, its endeavors, and of course yearly calendars!

The Calendar is being sold for $20 + $5 shipping and handling for domestic USA orders

For international orders (Canada, UK, outside of US) please send your shipping address so that Heren Istarion can calculate shipping via the US Postal Service at

This calendar will not be produced in high numbers and will become and instant Tolkien collectable. Both Jef Murray and Ted Nasmith are wonderful Tolkien illustrators and their art is best appreciated in larger size. Also by ordering this calender you support Heren Istarion who are for the moment in need of your support. Go HERE to find all information.

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