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Other Minds Magazine
Other Minds Magazine made available it's first issue today!

It is The unofficial, International Role Playing Gaming magazine dedicated to exploring J.R.R. tolkien's Middle-earth and beyond.

Other Minds Magazine: A Scholarly Approach to Tolkien's Middle-earth and Role Playing Games

This magazine takes a scholarly approach to much of it's work, so much of the content will be of value to Tolkien enthusiasts of all kinds, not just Tolkien role playing gamers.


"I would draw some of the great tales in fullness, and leave many only placed in the scheme, and sketched. The cycles should be linked to a majestic whole, and yet leave scope for OTHER MINDS and hands, wielding paint and music and drama..."

- John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, from a letter written to Milton Waldman, ca. 1951

John Ronald Reuel Tolkien


The purpose of this publication is to provide tolkien-related content of interest to Tolkien enthusiasts of all kinds and more specifically, information usable by those who love to use role playing games to enjoy the many facets of J.R.R. tolkien's imaginary universe containing Middle-earth, Numenor, Endor, Arda and all of Eä, using whatever game system they desire as a mode of creation and creative expression.


This is a community created and focused publication. The Tolkien gaming community runs this series, geared initially for quarterly releases. Eventually we are hoping to have a monthly release cycle.

Roleplaying Middle-earth games

The zine is revised online, and released as downloads in PDF (or other Formats). This is a NON-COMMERCIAL endeavor, provided by many volunteers world-wide with professional, academic and amateur backgrounds.

Absolutely NO fees will be collected, nor paid for content or publication, however full recognition will be given.

This magazine is published under the GFDL (Gnu Free Documentation License), most articles are also under this, though "normal" copyright is allowed for those authors who prefer it over the GFDL "copyleft" approach.


The first issue has the following topics:

* "Here We Are!"
* "The Acroteriasm of Other Hands"
* "The Battle Over Role Playing Gaming"
* "Mapping Arda"
* "Of Barrow-wights"
* "Magic in Middle-earth"
* "Thoughts on Imladris"
* "Maps of Arda" (mapping the entire world of Arda, not just Middle-earth)

On July 27th at MerpCon III, Middle-earth Role Playing Convention 2007, a limited fully printed and high quality 8"x10" bound version of the first issue was distributed to all convention attendees and reviewers.

MerpCon 2007

The next issue will be available on February 1st, 2008 as a PDF-only release. It's theme-based topic will be "Numenor".


Submissions of all kinds are welcomed, including but not necessarily limited to:
* Essays
* Maps (original)
* Artwork (original)
* Music (original)
* Adventure "modules"
* Campaign "modules"
* Source materials
* Conversions (between or for Tolkien related game systems)
* Reviews
* Letters to the editor
* Event announcements
* Product announcements (Tolkien and Tolkien rpging related)
* Gamers wanted requests (must be Tolkien related)
* GM's wanted requests (must be Tolkien related)

The hope is to try to fill in the gaps left by the loss of Other Hands, ICE Quarterly (MERPS section), and other paper-based as well as electronic publications that have come and gone over the years, that helped contribute to the role playing gaming community focused on gamers who love to play in Middle-earth and it's environs. Other Minds Magazine additionally fills in the voids that have NOT been filled by either the "Tolkien Purist" zines, the company-biased or game-system-specific zines.

This magazine will be completely system-neutral. That means some content will not have any game system mechanics, while other submissions may support specific, or a multitude of systems. This publication will accept submissions for any system used to game in J.R.R. tolkien's Middle-earth. These systems may include (but by no means be limited to):

* Decipher Lord of the Rings Role Playing Game
* Iron Crown Enterprises Middle-earth Role Playing Game
* d20/D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) adaptations to Middle-earth
* Ambarquenta
* Hitherlands
* Harnmaster (adapted)
* ICE HARP or Rolemaster (Adapted)
* Runequest (adapted)

Not all content must be game system oriented, but it should have some relevance and usefulness to players or game masters in understanding tolkien's world, to better their role playing experience therein.

This means the zine will be of value not only to role playing gamers, but also to Tolkien fans and enthusiasts in general who do not role play, however rpging in tolkien's world will continue to be the primary focused goal.

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