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The summer has come and is gone already. It will be a period I will look back to with a happy mind. My trip to Switzerland and the visit of Saint-Ursanne La Fantastique will be remembered by me for long time to come. Now, up to 30 september 2007 there will be an auction of all the banners and sculptures that where on display at this wonderful event.

Saint-Ursanne will be auctioning off the sculptures and the banners, as well as the ink-jet prints from the exhibition in the Cloister. Since John Howe does not sell his original art this is the closest you will ever get to a real John Howe. This is your chance to obtain a piece of art that has been admired by tens of thousands visitors of the event in Saint-ursanne.

John Howe Art: Unique Tolkien-Inspired Pieces for Auction

John Howe 2007 exhibition at the Cloistre
Following inquiries by a very large number of visitors, the organizing committee of Saint-Ursanne La Fantastique has decided to auction off all the artwork shown during the event, in other words the banners and the sculptures from the medieval town, and the reproductions from the cloister.

You are interested in bidding for one of these items? Then all you have to do is sign up at top right, choose your category (banners, sculptures, reproductions) and bid for the desidered item.

The bids are binding, increases in steps of SFr. 10.- for the banners and the reproductions and of SFr. 50.- for the sculptures. The auction ends on 30 September 2007, at 22.00h.

All banners and reproductions will be signed by John Howe.

Prices are given in Swiss Francs. For the cost in Euros divide the given price by 1.6.

banner by John Howe

All banners have the same size of approx. 100 cm x 350 cm. About 30 illustrations or drawings by John Howe, several of which from “The Lord of the Rings”. Digital print on cotton (300 gr./m2).

All banners will be signed by John Howe.

For sale sculptures by John Howe

The 12 sculptures were designed and drawn by John Howe. With the exception of the weathervane (metal) and the spear (wood) all the sculptures are built up identically : a metal frame, glued and moulded polystyrene, plaster, exterior acrylic dispersion and oil paint.
Exhibition of reproductions by John Howe

All reproductions have the same size of approx. 100 cm x 70 cm. They represent 5 stages of the development of illustrations by John Howe. Digital print on synthetic paper, laminated between plexiglas and forex.

All reproductions will be signed by John Howe.

Don't forget to go and visit the shop of John Howe 2007, where you can buy wonderful postcards, wine bottles, limited lithographs and jewelery, sunglasses, t-shirts, etc.

Saint-Ursanne was an event that I will treasure in my heart for a long time to come and I think I will not be alone!

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