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In a hole... No, once upon a time in a remote corner of Europe there was a Tolkien Society. Quite an old one too... We are of course talking about the Dutch Tolkien Society Unquendor. It was founded in 1981, which means that next year we'll be celebrating our sixth lustrum. Needless to say this must be done in style, as we did with the previous lustra.

Yes, it's partytime again in the Lowlands! So: May 2011 Unquendor invites all its foreign friends to its Lustrumfeest.

Mark your calendars, from 20 to 22 May 2011 Unquendor organizes once again THE event no Tolkien fan wants to miss.

Every 5 years Tolkien friends from all over the world come together to celebrate at the Lustrum celebration of the Dutch Tolkien Society Unquendor. Since it only happens once in 5 years it is always a great feast, with lots of international Tolkien friends and speakers.

At the last Lustrum in 2006 I first spoke with the artist Cor Blok and also talked with Arne Zettersten. I learned to know Tolkien fans from about 7 countries and had a wonderful time. So, I will be attending the celebration this year as well. By the way the rumor goes I was asked to give a lecture there?! So maybe I will be talking about one of my favorite topics ;).

Mark your calendars, from 20 to 22 May 2011 Unquendor organizes once again THE event no Tolkien fan wants to miss.

The most important things for you to know at this moment: the date

We start the activities late on Friday May 20th, so there’s lots of time for everybody to check in, install themselves, take a stroll through the beautiful surroundings and of course talk for the first time with acquaintances both old and new. The central part of the Lustrumfeest is Saturday 21st, with many items of the programme and the festive banquet. After lunch on Sunday 22nd we regretfully have break up again. Maybe it’s a good idea to mark these dates in your agenda.

The location: Castle "De Berckt" Baarlo, The Netherlands

The celebrations take place at the castle-like estate ‘De Berckt’. This is situated in a beautiful area in the north of the province of Limburg, which is in the southern part of the Netherlands. Our previous Lustrum in 2006 also took place there. We will reside in a newly-built yet ancient-looking part of the complex, that we have all for our own. The place is easy to reach, with a busstop nearby, and has more than enough parking-space.

Here are some pictures of the last Lustrum party:
Castle "De Berckt" Baarlo, The Netherlands

The working language

It will be no surprise that the lingua Franca of the event will be English. We expect a lot of foreign guests and under those circumstances it is only civil – and handy – to use a common language. Former events have proven that this is no problem at all, as nearly everyone speaks or at least understands English. Tolkien spans the world.

The event

A lustrum is a big event, with many attendees from all corners of the planet, special guests, lectures, fun, parties, a costume masquerade, banquet, and much more... as for now I know there have been announced as guests: Tom Shippey, Alex Lewis and Christian Weichman. More info about guest and events will be coming soon for sure!

The registration fee

The registration rate is a mere € 150.00 and comprises 2 nights, 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 2 dinners. And that, of course, is not counting all the magnificent events we’re planning. Details will follow soon, as will the on-line booking form.

The registration rates are:
Full adult attending - € 150.00
Child (5 to 12 years) - € 50.00
Child under 5 years - Free of charge

This includes:
Two nights stay in Kasteel de Berckt (Friday 20 to Sunday 22 May);
All meals from diner on Friday evening to lunch on Sunday afternoon.

I find it interesting to see that this is one of the first Tolkien events EVER to support Tolkien lovers to bring along their children. It is there for my great pleasure to say I'll have my kids around! Thanks for this Unquendor... It took 30 years but it is finally happening - quality Tolkien Family Time!

We hope to meet you in 2011!

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