The 2011 Beyond Bree Calendar is now available (26.10.10 by Pieter Collier) - Comments

Beyond Bree is pleased to celebrate its 30th Anniversary with a special 2011 calendar featuring art focused on the Istari, the wizards of tolkien's Middle-earth. The calendar will feature classic art from Beyond Bree's past as well as new works by a host of artists from around the globe, including:

Chris Cevasco, David Cremona, George Dunn, James Dunning, Sylvia Hunnewell, Octo Kwan, Nancy Martsch, Jef Murray, Ted Nasmith, Cecile van Zon, Maciej Wygnanski, and Patrick Wynne.

The color and black and white calendar will have both Middle-earth dates and real world holidays. It will be 11 x 8 1/2 inches, opening to 11 x 17 inches.

Pricing: $20 plus shipping - USA $2.00, the rest of the world $5.00.
PayPal orders will also be taken with a $1.00 surcharge.

Send PayPal payments (in USD) to:

Send check or postal money order (in USD drawn on a US bank) to:

Nancy Martsch, PO Box 55372, Sherman Oaks, CA 91413, USA; or send currency (at your own risk, in a sturdy envelope).

For more details, please e-mail
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Also readers' views; fan publications, news, art, occasional poetry and puzzles. We seldom publish fiction. Since we are too widely scattered to meet in person, Beyond Bree carries news of conventions and gatherings where the Tolkien fan might find others of similar interests. And, if readers have questions about Tolkien or his works, we try to answer them.

Now Beyond Bree has turned thirty, and those lucky to receive it every month, wish to thank Nancy Martsch for her dedication and actually there are no words available for our grattitude, since what she has managed to do is just incredible! 30 years every month she send out all latest Tolkien news, Tolkien events, Tolkien fun and art, articles,... all in one brilliant newsletter. I have to be honost that I receive many Tolkien bulletins, but there is only one that I read every-time and that when it arrives makes my endless flow of work come to a sudden stop until I have finished it. So for those who do not receive Beyond Bree yet, there is only one thing I can say... get a subscription to it! You will not regret it!

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