Tolkien Thing 2010 will be held on 18 July in Hersfeld (21.06.10 by Pieter Collier) - Comments

Tolkien Thing is the annual convention of the German Tolkien Society and welcomes more than a hundred fellow Tolkien fans from all over Europe.

Date: 15/16 until 18 July 2010
Location: Youth Hostel Bad Hersfeld, halfway between Fulda and Kassel

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Marcel Bülles, president of the German Tolkien Society sent over the following info on Tolkien thing:

Special guest: Caspar Reiff and Peter Hall (Tolkien Ensemble); Kim Skovbye

Visitors will spend their days in a Gondorian cityhouse. Minas Hersfeld bids you welcome to a very long list of spectacular workshops, readings, events, culinary excursions, concerts and more.

Our Danish sister society "Bri" will have Tom Bombadil tag along and Danish harp virtuoso Kim Skovbye will give a concert just as Danish Tolkien Ensemble founder Caspar Reiff and composer Pater Hall will.

Costume extravaganza, Sauron's cellar bar, delightful decorations and mabye even a boat ride on the Anduin will make for the most wonderful Middle-earth event.

Join in, only a few places are left.

Pictures of Youth Hostel Bad Hersfeld can be found here:

If you have not heard about the Tolkien Ensemble, in the following movie it is being introduced by Christopher Lee (Enjoy!):

Now if you ever went to Tolkien Thing, you will know it is always fun to be there, so don't miss out and join in! If for one or another reason you are unable to join with the other Tolkien friends in Germany, you can still enjoy The Tolkien Ensemble by buying one of there albums!

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