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The Tolkien Thing is coming!

Special guest: Tom Shippey

Tolkien Thing is the annual convention of the German Tolkien Society and welcomes more than a hundred fellow Tolkien fans from all over Europe.

Date: 24 until 26 July 2009
Location: Rieneck Castle, ~ 80 km east of Frankfurt
the beautiful medieval castle of Rieneck in Northern Bavaria

I received the following message from Marcel Bülles about the event:

In only a few weeks time a very special meeting will take place at the beautiful medieval castle of Rieneck in Northern Bavaria. The annual convention of the German Tolkien Society, the Tolkien Thing (i.e. 'moot'), will get together not only friends and guests from all over the continent but also one special guest we are very happy to have with us: Tom Shippey, author of 'The Road to Middle-earth' & 'J.R.R. Tolkien: Author of the Century' and considered by many as the leading Tolkien scholar will grace our event with his presence. Our sister societies from Sweden and the Netherlands will present their work and activities and a wonderful Saturday evening party will round it all off!

More than thirty different program items will make it difficult for you to decide where to go first: lectures, workshops, reading, general fun (gaming, audio 'middle-earthian' lounge) and much more will keep you busy all weekend.

Join in, only a few places are left.

Mae govannen, friend!


Mit freundlichem Gruss

Marcel Bülles

So there will be many international guests including:
- Tom Shippey (author of e.g. Road to Middle-earth )
- guests from the Dutch and Swedish Tolkien Societies

The programme includes:

- costume workshop (all about bags)
- lecture on the Gondorian and Rohirrim culture
- presentation of Unquendor and Forodrim (our international guests)
- Tolkien rallye
- Tolkien quiz
- lecture on the Edda
- lecture on the fortresses in the films
- knitting socks
- dance workshop
- Radio Rivendell Drinking Game
- Tolkien and the Funnies
- Lothlórien high rope course

There's this site for details; unfortunately only in German. But if you're interested I suggest you contact the people at info[at]

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