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Hazael Design handmade furniture from timber reclaimed from JRR tolkien's home
Hazael Design are pleased to announce an exhibition of limited edition furniture handmade from the timber reclaimed from JRR tolkien's last home, Woodridings. The shop makes bespoke furniture and is a family run firm. The shop is located in the old part of Wimborne and a stream runs just in front of the shop.

Also The Tolkien treasures discovered in Poole go on display next saterday, on the 15th November, at Hazael Design, unit 12 Mill Lane Wimborne, England.

Woodridings the house by Tolkien that got demolished
Have a look at the article I wrote about the Tolkien features from tolkien's Woodridings; the fireplace, griffin, cast fairy, cast candlesticks, stone face man, stone WOODRIDINGS sign and ornate wardrobe doors, here. This is your chance to stand next to the fireplace that Tolkien used for so many years.

I will myself come over to the exhibition and hope to see many Tolkien fans there. It would be great to discuss all about Tolkien and Tolkien collecting, in the nice envirement of Wimborne. On Sunday I will probably make a small trip to Bournemouth and to Poole (since it is so close to Wimborne), before crossing the channel again.

The Exhibition will be opened by The Mayor of Wimborne, Robin Cook, next Saterday 15th November 2008 at 11 am in Wimborne. It will be open until Saterday 29th November.

Where: Follow the Town Crier's ringing bell just off the Square in Wimborne, down Mill Lane, left at end of lane under the arches to Hazael Design, 12 Mill Lane, beside the river.

During the exhibtion you can enter a competition to win a Ring Mirror handcrafted from the salvaged Tolkien Timber. Entry cost will be £1, and all proceeds will be donated to one of The Mayor's charities The Tivoli Theatre.

The competition closes at 5.00pm on Sat 29th November 2008 and the winner wil be announced at 5.30pm at Hazael Design.

Hazael Design has had a good working relationship with Stephen Malton from Prodem Demolition for a number of years as he makes an effort to ensure that the timber from his demolition sites is reclaimed and not destroyed. Hazael Design then revives this valuable timber and transforms it into unusual pieces of furniture. The old hardworking floor boards, joists, rafters and trusses are put into retirement as functional yet ascetically pleasing individual pieces.

tolkien's fireplace
We have to thank Stephen Malton for making this exhibition possible by supplying tolkien's Timber to Hazael Design and rescuing the Tolkien Treasures from Woodridings.

The exhibition is only temporary at the moment. The shop is only small and unfortunately there is only just enough room for a small exhibition. There is however some great news that the Tolkien treasures that were found at "WOODRIDINGS" are going to be published in a book next year and the author is hoping to launch the book at The Miramar Hotel. The treasures found will once again go on display.

Only recently I discovered where the furniture from Woodridings (table, chairs and sidetables), which belonged to Tolkien when he lived there, went to. I'm now trying to get all the Tolkien furniture back in one place and hope all items will be together on the next exhibition at Miramar Hotel!

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