Festivities in France for the release of Les Enfants de Hurin (14.02.08 by Pieter Collier) - Comments

For the release of “Les Enfants de Hurin”, the French translation of the Children of Hurin, Tolkiendil will organize some very interesting online chat events and contests.

Les Enfants de Hurin will be released on Thursday February 21...
If you speak French and are interested in Tolkien then here are some items to add on your calendar:

Wednesday - February 13 until Wednesday February 20 (21h)

A quiz where two copies of “Les Enfants de Hurin” can be won. Be sure to enter the right answers before February 20 ! The winners will be announced between 20 and 22h the same day in the Tolkiendil chatbox.

Wednesday - February 20, starting from 20h30

On February 20 there will be held another contest, this time in the chat box, where another two copies of Les Enfants de Hurin can be won. If your French is any good, you might try and win yourself a copy!

Thursday -  February 21, starting from 20h30

On the release date of Les Enfants de Hurin there will be held a chat session with the team of translators from Christian Bourgois Editeur, who is the French publisher of Tolkien books. The translators who will be the special guests during the chat session are: Vincent Ferré, Daniel Lauzon and Delphine Martin. 
Delphine Martin is also the translator of the Children of Hurin!
I’m sure this will be a very interesting chat!

Saturday -  February 23,  starting from 14h

Tolkiendil organizes another chat session two days after the release of the French Children of Hurin to discuss the book and Tolkien in general. Everybody is welcome to join in the fun.

Tuesday – February 26 until Friday 29

To celebrate the release of 'Les enfants de Hurin' the French publisher Christian Bourgois Editeur has invited Alan Lee to come to France to do several book signing sessions.

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