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Battles and Combats of the First Age
"I would draw some of the great tales in fullness, and leave many only placed in the scheme, and sketched. The cycles should be linked to a majestic whole, and yet leave scope for other minds and hands, wielding paint and music and drama. Absurd."
J.R.R.Tolkien in a letter to Milton Waldman

This is of course not absurd and many artist have been giving color to Middle-earth ever since Tolkien’s books came out, by wielding paint, music and drama. Some of the greatest Tolkien artists are famous and others are yet to be discovered. If you feel your art deserves some attention and you feel an art competition could be your way to show your art to the international Tolkien community, here is your chance!

the 4th International Art Competition
This year marks the 4th International Art Competition of ST Wieza City Culture and Art Centre of Bielawa in association with City Promotion and Strategy Department of Bielawa in Poland. The Tolkien theme of this year’s competition is Battles and Combats of the First Age and competitors are free to submit any piece of art on this subject.
Tolkien illustrator John Howe will be one of the judges
The First Prize is €250 and there are two Second Prizes of €100 each. The world renowned Tolkien illustrator John Howe will be one of the judges, among others chosen from all different professional fields and interests.

The competition is now open and the closing date for the submissions is 31/03/2008.

Before I give the competitions rules I give you here the works that won in the last years competitions.

Tolkien art 3rd year winner piece 1
Tolkien art 3rd year winner piece 2
Tolkien art 3rd year winner piece 3

Competition regulations (from www.tolkfolk.pl)

1.The aim of the competition is to engage fans of J.R.R. tolkien's literature in Poland and abroad to common creation and acknowledgement of the world created by Tolkien as well as familiarization with the texts of this great professor and writer.

2.The competition is open to everyone over 12 years old and is not divided into any categories.

3.This year's competition opens with a series of battles and combats in MIDDLE-EARTH. The Valars had to fight Melkor on Arda. After that the theft of Silmarils and Feanor's curse, first men and greedy Morgoths. There were many situations that did not end peacefully. The competitor's task is to reconstruct the battles and combats that they like the most in tolkien's literature. Every competitor is allowed to send at most two works made in any technique.

The format of works is open.

4. Works marked only with an emblem should be sent at the following address:

M.O.K i S.
ul. Piastowska 19a 58 - 260 Bielawa

Sending a work means that the author has been acquainted with and accepts the regulations. Every author is allowed to send at most two works. Please enclose a paper with title and an envelope marked with an emblem (the same as the one on your work), which should contain:
author's name and surname, address and contact details (phone, e-mail)

Works without any title will not be accepted by the competition.

More information:
phone: +48 74 645 09 60
e-mail: tolkfolk@interia.pl

5. Works should be sent by 31. 03. 2008. The results will be announced on 24th April 2008. In two weeks time the organizer will contact the winners so as to agree how they could get the prize. Prize money will be paid in the currency of the winner's country.

Competitors from abroad

Please, do not give the value of the package at the post office. The organizer will not pay the duty fee and as a result, your work will not be entered into the competition.

6. The judges will be chosen from members of the ST WIEZA, the regional press and radio as well as from artists. The judges will award the First Prize of 250 EURO and two Second Prizes of 100 EURO each.


The panel of judges will be chosen from a wide range of sources and will include the world famous Tolkien artist, John Howe, whom it is an honor to have as a judge.

One competitor will be awarded only one prize regardless of how many works they send. The prize money is guaranteed but it can increase in the case of finding additional sponsors.

Prize money will be deposited into winners' accounts 30 days after the results have been announced. In special cases the judges may award material prizes.

Important notice

The organizer reserves the right to publish all works. The organizer will retain all awarded works!!

All rights reserved for the authors. Any publications of the works will occur only for the popularization of the contest. Organizer guarantees that the works will not be used for any commercial purposes without author's permission.

Unrewarded works will be sent back to the author, after the consultation about the division of the postage.

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