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Since the release of J.R.R. tolkien's The Hobbit, many youngsters have been mesmerized with its fantasy of an epic quest for lost treasure involving different creatures and a magic ring. Until today, The Hobbit is still beloved by children even adults.

This creative and scholarly masterpiece of J.R.R. Tolkien has been discussed in classroom since the release for most educational institutions believe that through examining this epic fantasy work, students can effectively understand different concepts of writing.
The Hobbit - a classroom guide - reading the hobbit

Exploring Mythology

Tolkien got inspiration for The Hobbit from reading a lot of books about mythology. It is important to start from the basic of reading and discussing what inspired and helped the author in writing a piece. Things to discuss are meaning of mythology, mythology books where Tolkien drew excerpts from, and tolkien's concept of mythology.

Role Play

Teachers may ask the students to pick a scene from the movie for a role playing activity. Students will form different groups to dramatize different scenes and roles. This activity helps the students to recognize every character by having each student to perform one of the characters. Characterization is not the only goal for students to learn but also develop good speaking skills.
The Hobbit - a classroom guide - roleplay

Map and Illustration

Tolkien invented a world called Middle Earth for The Hobbit and its sequel, The Lord of The Rings. Drawing a map is a good way to learn the significant places and events that The Hobbit traveled and encountered. This is to also experience somehow the whimsical journey of Bilbo Baggins that can really excite any child.

Vocabulary Building

Every chapter of the book has complicated words that need to be discussed not only to effectively understand the story but to also build students vocabulary. Some words to be discussed are porthole, flummoxed, necromancer, belladonna, cavalcade, guffawing, lichen, quoits, and many more.

Short Essay Writing

Teachers will ask students regarding their understanding about the topic by means of writing an essay. They should describe what they understand from the discussions and activities. This is to test if students read the materials and participated well in the activities. Essay writing will also be used to evaluate students if they can apply the ingenuity Tolkien have shown and taught in his epic works.
The Hobbit - drawing the hobbit booksmarks in class

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