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As Halloween approaches just like it does each year, those of us that love to dress up for Halloween for either trick-or-treating or for seasonal parties will probably have the same quandary at the tail end of the summer just like last year and the year before that.

What can I wear for Halloween? You may ask yourself.

Here's a solution that as a fan of The Lord of the Rings you'll probably appreciate. If you are unaware, there is an entire range of The Lord of the rings costumes available.

Granted, it may be the vision of the characters as featured in the movies but, if you love the books chances are that you are willing to forgive the Peter Jackson inspired appearance of the costume range because it's the only way you are going to get your hands on official LOTR costumes.
Gollum Mask

Who makes the costumes?

The official licensed range of The Lord of the rings costumes have been designed by and are distributed by Rubies Masquerade, an American costume supplier who are licensed to sell the official costumes all over the world.

The range includes costumes, masks and even collectible busts of some of the characters including Gollum, Lurtz and Witch King.

I think the outfits that have been created are precise interpretations of the clothing as worn by that character in The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy.

Well, as close as you can get without investing vast amounts of money in creating your own cosplay costume.

You just need to remember that Halloween is a bit of fun and becoming your favourite character should be simple and these costumes help achieve that.

The range features different types of Lord of the Rings costume for both adults and children, so you can dress-up the kids too and get the entire family involved.
Lurtz Mask

If you like the range of costume that Rubies have created you will be happy to hear that they have also obtained the license to produce Halloween fancy dress costumes for The Hobbit, which is due to be released later this year but we're willing to bet that you already knew that.

Not Just a The Lord of the Rings costume

Rubies have put together a pretty comprehensive range of items that you can use to transform your appearance into a living, breathing character from Middle Earth.

For example, items that are produced by the costume manufacturer include Hobbit feet, Elven ear tips and a replica of Arwen's Evenstar necklace. Now that really is attention to detail.

An extensive Lord of the Rings mask collection means you can also look like uruk-hai, Moria Orc or Orc Overseer.

All perfect masks to be wearing for Halloween and show your love for the Tolkien created characters.
Uruk Hai mask

This guest post dedicated to Lord of the Rings costumes was written by Ian Tomkins from Jokers' Masquerade fancy dress costumes in the UK. They stock various costumes and accessories for Lord of the Rings as well as other films, video games and TV.

Title: Gollum Mask from Lord of the Rings Costume Officially Licensed TM Lord of the Rings Costume Mask

Made by:
Rubie's Costume Co

Title: The Lord of the Rings uruk-hai Deluxe Mask

Made by:
Rubie's Costume Co

Title: Lord of the Rings Lurtz Adult Deluxe Latex Mask

Made by:
Rubie's Costume Co


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