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There are many publications released to coincide with Peter Jackson's 2012 film adaptation of The Hobbit. Of course I will be announcing all of them one by one, but there is one book in particular that caught my eye.

It is a book called, The Unofficial Hobbit Handbook, and with its fun design evokes the feeling of a hobbit's travel journal. The authors hide behind the name "The Shire Collective" and the subtitle just puts it plainly 'Everything I Need to Know about Life I learned from Tolkien'. Now who does not want to read such a fun looking book.

Even while it will be a paperback, it will have no less then 320 pages and will cover hobbit etiquette and behavior, survival strategies, and more...

This fun, fact-filled book provides humans with incredible insights into the inner workings of Hobbit society. It is claimed to have been written by elders of The Shire itself, this text is used by Hobbits young and old as a guide to good and sensible conduct, no matter what the occasion or challenge. Just like in the good old days, when Hobbits were still around!

From eating and drinking to survival tactics (run and/or hide) and wizard-lore, readers will find everything they need to act the proper Hobbit in Middle-earth.
What Would Bilbo Do? The Unofficial Hobbit Handbook

What would Bilbo do?

it is a fun question to ask. Really when you come to think about it... it is not such a sily question at all. Even while Bilbo started out on his adventure as a tiny little shire hobbit, he truly did live through some adventures and would have been one of the better persons to go for counsil. For example, it would be good for all politicians to stand still one day and ask... what would Bilbo have done in this situations? Or bankers or managers... maybe live would have been much nicer?!

Before I start to sound like a hippy, which I am not (actually the opposite), I still find it a good idea to go back and look at the good old days, when live was simpler and good behavior could still be explained in books. While I have not seen the published book, it sort of reminds me of the old etiquette and survival guides I knew when I was younger. Somehow I hope to find out who the Shire Collective are and that I can send them over some questions for a little interview. In the mean time I'm going to pre-order this book, looks like it will be a good laugh and a fun read!

Title: What Would Bilbo Do? The Unofficial Hobbit Handbook

Writers Digest Books
Authors: Peter Archer, Scott Francis and Jeff Gerke (The Shire Collective)

Publication Date:
25 Oct 2012

paperback, 320 pages
ISBN-10: 1599636506
ISBN-13: 978-1599636504

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