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To speak to a Hobbit about food, is to talk to someone about something they love. Seldom do we 'big folk', in our hum-drum, mundane, rushed and worried lives, apply the same feelings to anything (or sometimes anyone!) as a Hobbit does to their food. It is not surprising that manu of us who value food as much as hobbits do, have sometimes thought that a Hobbit cookbook would be a handy item to have in the kitchen.

it did not surprise me much to read that in the fall of 2012 we will see the publication of A Hobbit's Cookbook, nor did it surprise me in 2002 that someone wrote Regional Cooking from Middle-earth: Recipes of the Third Age. Books like these always tend to be published around the time another book Tolkien is adapted for the big screen. Still I'm not sad about it, since I love food and somehow cooking books make ideal gifts. I just hope this book will bring us some fresh ideas and is not just meant to cash in on the Hobbit movie hype.

Astrid Tuttle Winegar, also the author of Why Does "Frodo Live?", got a book deal with Quirk Books to write A Hobbit's Cookbook: Eleventy-one Sweets, Snacks, and Savories Inspired by Middle-earth.

This Hobbit cook book will not actually be exclusive to hobbits but will also feature foods for "elves, orcs, and even Gollum." Which is curious since I always felt that gollum was only into raw things. But let us see what Astrid Tuttle Winegar comes up with?!

As said, this is not the first cookbook to bring together Middle-earth recipes, for example I recall HOBBIT RECIPES or COOKING WITH HOBBITS that was released in 2006 by DreamWorlds.

And there are rumors that Georgeanne Brennan / Jabberwocky have The Unofficial Hobbit Cookbook coming up as well (not date set for a release either).

Soon you'll be able to make first breakfast, second breakfast, elevensies and all the other meals at home: the Hobbit' cookbook should be out in the Fall of 2012.

As soon as I find out where and when to order this book, make sure I'll post all about it.
Hobbit Recipes or cooking with hobbits


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