Wizards and Warfare

Wizards and Warriors (miniatures)
Heritage Models Wizards and Warfare

This game made in 1976 as you can see shows Tolkien references. I wonder what similarities the wizards bears or even that "lidless eye" represents? Wizards and Warfare is a booklet for miniature wargames like Ringbearer.

There appears to be a few different prints. Here is what I have found:

1st print: 1976, picture of flying horse and rider (nazgul), wizard, two towers in the background, and a lidless eye.

Wizards & Warfare by Peter Irving Wargames

2nd print: 1978, complete different picture. Shows wizard, some army in the background, and a large eagle behind the wizard.

Rules for Wargames Wizards and Warfare by Peter Irving

3rd print:
same as 2nd print except in the back it has the ISBN number.