J.R.R.Tolkien games


Here are games that are RUMORED to exist. If anyone can dispel them or confirm their existence please let us know:

Minotaur Games LOTR Dice Game

Dark Elves


10/10/03: As stated in What's New, I have found a picture on Boardgamegeek.com of a New Line game called Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Rings. This is not the one that Rose Art puts out, nor any of the other games that I have seen. I'll post a picture when I can. Please let me know if you have seen it anywhere. DW

The answer to the above is the Lord of the Rings games by Impact International. It is a set of three games too, but not interlockable like the Rose Art games. But you can play through all three games.

10/15/04: Well, it's been a year since I posted any rumors, but I have one. I have seen a picture of a LOTR Go game. The Go game is a famous strategy game from China that more than rivals Chess. I don't know who might make it, and if there will be any Rings Rules or not.