J.R.R.Tolkien games

Computer based Tolkien Games (computer)

PC games based on the works of Tolkien.

I will give you at least basic information on the games that I can find. If there are any that I am missing, just let me know.

"The Hobbit", 1983 Developed by Beam Software, published by Melbourne House

"Bored of the Rings", 1985, Devloped by Delta 4, publihsed by Silversoft

"J.R.R. tolkien's War in Middle Earth", 1988, Developed by Synergistic Software, Published by Virgin Games

"The Lord of the Rings", 1990, Developed and published by Interplay

"The Two Towers", 1991, Developed and published by Interplay

"Fellowship of the Ring", 2002

"The Two Towers" 2003 (not available in PC format, only Playstation 2 type)

"The Return of the King", 2003 (due out Nov 4)

"War of the Ring", 2003 (some call this "Warcraft: Middle Earth)

"The Hobbit", Nov 2003

"LOTR: The War for Middle Earth" late 2004

"Middle Earth Online", late 2004

"Battle for Middle Earth", Dec 2004