Battle of Five Armies (TSR) (wargame)

Published by Tactical Studies Rules (TSR)
Developed by Larry Smith, 1976

There is a bagged version then boxed version. By Larry Smith and is the same as the LORE version but with slightly updated rules and a color map.

This game plays the same as the original LORE version with a couple of minor updates. Based on the battle found in the story of the Hobbit. A fun game. Not as good as the Richard Jordeson games, but it plays well.

Battle of the Five Armies TSR Boxed Version

Original Bagged version, no special cover.

Second Bagged version - same cover art as the boxed version

The colored map

The LORE original map and the later TSR Colored map (note: I used colored pencils on my LORE map as it was too plain for me when I was a teen). The LORE vesion is slightly larger but has the same number of hexes.

The Terrain chart found in the rules book. Same as the LORE version, just better art work.