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JRR Tolkien 2 signed letters 1968 Handwritten & Typed
Perfect condition with envelope mentions "bag-end"
Two letters signed ("J.R.R. Tolkien") to Ken Jackson concerning a production of The Hobbit and the source of the name "bag-end".

An adaptation of The Hobbit, dramatised and produced by Humphrey Carpenter, was staged by New College Choir School in the late 1960s. Tolkien provided autographs for the actors but neglected the technical crew.

Letter 1
A hand written 2 page letter dated Jan 4, 1968, on blindstamped headed paper. In response to this situation, Tolkien wrote a letter to the technical director enclosing "some stick-in autographs" and apologises to "the back-room boys of the drama" noting their "necessary, indeed very important, functions". He explains that his eldest son "used to perform the same functions at his school" 2 pages, 76 Sandfield Road, Oxford, 4 January 1968. Eloquently hand written and signed by JRR Tolkien with the characteristic 3 dots and underscore.

Letter 2
A typed letter signed to the same correspondent responds to a request to name a house "bag-end". Tolkien notes "...it may interest you to know that (however unfair it may seem) it is impossible to patent mere names..." Tolkien states he did not invent the name and cites the origin as "the local name of a house an aunt of mine lived in in Worcestershire: an old tumbledown manor house at the end of an untidy lane that led nowhere else..." 1 page, on blindstamped headed paper, 76 Sandfield Road, Oxford, dated 29 January 1968. Beautifully signed with the characteristic 3 dots and underscore. Includes the original stamped envelope addressed to K Jackson Esq.

Tolkiens Aunt Jane lived in a farm at the end of a lane in Dormston in Worcestershire (near Evesham) that locals called Bag End. See Humphrey Carpenters Biography Page 106 & 176.

Both letters are in lovely condition with no foxing or damage and with the mention of bag-end and family association are very collectable and valuable.

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