Collector Profile: Mikko Marcelo

In a hole in a ground there lived, Mikko Marcelo, 19 years old from the Philippines.

How did you get started in collecting?

When The Fellowship of The Ring came out, I actually loved it and asked Santa Claus for the fully poseable Bilbo Baggins and Frodo Baggins for Christmas. After a few years, I started watching the movies again and that's when I read The Hobbit. I finished it and I got hooked.

What do you collect?

I focus my collection on the Hobbit. Anything about "The Hobbit". I'm actually trying to collect different kinds of covers of the book and "The Hobbit" in other mediums such as audio books etc.

I got the comic book, and as of now I have 10 different covers.  I got the blu-ray and the dvd special editions as well. 

What has been your greatest find so far?

Greatest find would be the Sting replica and the One Ring replica. I believe if you are a fan you wouldn't let those miss out on your collection!

What does collecting mean to you?

It's endless. You'd want more and more, it's crazy... or maybe it just simply means you love to embrace your youth!

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