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If you're interested in becoming an affiliate with the Tolkien Library please read the following requirements of affiliate applicants.

#1 You're should be family friendly and can not have content that would exceed a PG-13 rating.
#2 You're site should be related to Tolkien in some way.
#3 If I decide to be affiliates with your site you must put a link back code up within two weeks.
#4 Your site can not be made on a freewebs template. (Layouts must be original, though not necessarily created by you.)
#5 Your site can not be on a hiatus or currently be inaccessible.
#6 Your site can not be a Myspace or Facebook group, Yahoo group, webring, message board,...
#7 If you want to be affiliates you must contact me through the following form. Applicants who e-mail me directly will no longer be considered.

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