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The Riddles of The Hobbit books give-away contest and Palgrave Macmillan have teamed up to create a spectacular give-away! Here is your chance to win one of three copies of Adam Robert's fantastic book The Riddles of The Hobbit. Make sure to check out all about this fantastic book The Riddles of The Hobbit and read an interesting interview with author Adam Roberts.

This competition is open to all visitors of this website. In total we will have 3 winners and each will win 1 of the 3 hardcover books up for grabs. Make sure to spread news about the competition, since the more you share the more chance you will have to win!

Here is a small recap of all books that can we won in this give-away:

The Riddles of The Hobbit by Adam Roberts

Riddles have lost none of their power over us: we are as fascinated by mysteries, from sudoko to whodunnits, from jokes to philosophical conundrums. The Hobbit is a book threaded through with riddles; most obviously in its central 'Riddles in the Dark' chapter, but everywhere else too—what does 'Good Morning' mean? What is a burrahobbit? How many versions of the Hobbit are there? What is the buried secret in the nine riddles Bilbo and Gollum swap between one another? What are Ents? Dragons? Wizards? What is the magic of the magic ring?

All these questions, and more, are answered in The Riddles of The Hobbit, the first critical engagement with tolkien's great novel to take 'the riddle' seriously as a key structuring principle of the novel. Riddles are more than a diverting pastime; they are expressive and beguiling rebuses that touch on larger mysteries, powerful questions and paradoxes also embodied in the Catholicism that informed so much of tolkien's imaginative life. Ringing widely across tolkien's creative life, The Riddles of The Hobbit explores the importance of riddles to the Anglo Saxon and Norse cultures that inspired him, and discusses scores of riddles offering (usually) more than one answer for each. This is a critical study of the playful aspect of a great writer that takes his playfulness seriously; it explores and embodies ingenuity; and comes to some original and—on occasion—startling new conclusions.
The Riddles of The Hobbit by Adam Roberts

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