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A bibliography of Dutch Tolkien books

Translations from tolkien's work are very numerous. Most believe that the fictional works of Tolkien, particularly "Lord of the Rings" and even more "The Silmarillion", could not have been written in any other language than English. Any translation must necessarily lose some of the subtlety. Yet the translations widen the public able to read the professors works.

The Dutch translation of The Lord of the Rings is called 'In de Ban van de Ring'. Back in 1956 it was the very first translation of the book, and it was also the first work of Tolkien translated into Dutch. In 1960 a translation of The Hobbit, called 'De Hobbit', was published as a small paperback. Other Tolkien books weren't translated till the seventies. They include translations of The Adventures of Tom Bombadil, Bilbo's Last Song, etc.

It has been a long road, yet we succesfully published the complete bibliography of all Dutch Tolkien books. Since the list of these works became very long we decided to seperate the bibliography into 7 parts:

To help collectors identify there own Dutch Tolkien books we created some helpfull identification-tables for 'De Hobbit' and 'In de Ban van de Ring'. These tables can be found here:

This bibliography does not pretend to be complete and there is much work still to be done. Nor is it wholly accurate, but we have done the best we could with what information was available to us, but errors and and omissions remain. Nevertheless it represents a very strong base. Remarks, additions and corrections are mostly welcome (please send an email to

Site News has not seen many updates since Februari, yet there was done a lot work behind the scenes. The first result is published now: the Dutch Tolkien bibliography. More articles of this size and importance are coming and will be published soon. is still working on the article "a first try to make a reconstruction of tolkien's personal library". We still need more information. Do you have more info on tolkien's personal library, the donations by Tolkien, by his family and the many sales (like the one by Daerons, Blackwell, Loomebooks, ea.). Are there books from tolkien's personal library in your collection? Can we add them to the list and describe them?

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