This is the second news letter send by the Tolkien Library. It summarizes the events of what has happened on the site so far this year and brings the latest news. These letters will be sent more often from now on and will feature all upcoming changes and updates to the site.

2005 will be a year long to remember!!!

2005 began great for the Tolkien Library! After the very sad news of Humphrey Carpenter's death, only good news kept arriving. There were numerous request for publications of some very interesting studies, most of them will follow in the next few months. The articles will be range from bibliographical studies towards articles on renowned Tolkien illustrators, tolkien's autographs and fake collectables; At the site are up for sale some very scarce and rare Tolkien books, Check them out here. has caught a glimpse of a list of new books that will be published this year. This list will be completed and published in a few weeks, check the Tolkien Library for more on this. Already this years seems to become very exciting.

Humphrey Carpenter dies

The sad news is probably known to you all; On 4 January 2005 Humphrey Carpenter died after a long illness. He was known as a writer and broadcaster, and, among those interested in Tolkien, and especially renowned for the "authorised biography of Tolkien", "the Letters of J.R.R.Tolkien" and "Inklings: C.S.Lewis, J.R.R.Tolkien, Charles Williams, and their Friends".

More about Humphrey Carpenter and Tolkien here.

Site News has seen a lot of major changes in the first month of the year 2005. The first and major change is actually happening behind the scenes. The Tolkien Library has started some interesting researches and bibliographical studies which, when completed, will be published at the site.

Right now, for example, is working on an article for La Feuille de la Compagnie, #4 together with Michaël Devaux from France: the topics of the later will be "Tolkien and Old English". The article will be a first try to make a reconstruction of tolkien's personal library; plus will try to shed a light on when and how the books were donated towards for example the English Language Faculty Library in Oxford and the many sales that have been seen by Sotheby's London, Loomebooks, Daerons, Rowns,... The article will be published in La Feuille in French, in combination with an English version at the site.
Currently we must be possible to create a list of about 800 books. Yet a lot of writing to collectors, library's, etc. is still going on. We gathered already many information, yet there is much more information needed to fill some holes of knowledge we still miss and to make sure the article tells a correct story. We prefer to tell no story if it cannot be certified to be correct and gets the authorisation to be published.

Is there by any means you could provide us with information on the sales done by fe. Sotheby's London (which was a rather large lot). Or do you have more info on tolkien's personal library, the donations by Tolkien, by his family and the many sales (like the one by Daerons, Blackwell, Loomebooks, ea.). Are there books from tolkien's personal library in your collection? Can we add them to the list and describe them? Names can but do not have to be mentioned.

More studies are under development and will be announced soon.

Another major change to the Tolkien Library is that from now on booksellers can list there books (which must be scarce or rare Tolkien books) up for sale at Up for sale are some very nice books, ranging from first edition Hobbits, US and UK Lord of the Rings, limited and signed sets. Check them out here.

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The review section had a look into the life of Humphrey Carpenter and took a good look at the first edition of the US hobbit:

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